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GlaI-PCR analysis of methylation of ACGC site in Chr11: 65647266 in DNA samples from the blood cells of healthy donors and early stage breast cancers

DOI: 10.26213/SE.2019.66.12.001

Methylation of ACGC site in position Chr11: 65647266 (according to GRCh38 PrimaryAssembly) in DNA preparations from blood cells of healthy donors and early stage breast cancers was studied with GlaI-PCR assay. The work includes a) preparation of light fraction of the blood cells, b) isolation of genomic DNA, c) determination of genomic DNA concentration by real-time PCR, d) determination of concentration of unmethylated ACGC site in position Chr11: 65647266 with GlaI-PCR assay and e) calculation…

Slide De novo DNA methylation Slide Step 1: DNA hydrolysis Slide Step 2: adapter ligation Universal adapter Slide Step 3: Real time PCT Universal adapter Genomic primer Genomic primer TaqMan probe TaqMan probe Hybrid primer

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Comparative analysis of RCGY sites methylation in three human cell lines

DOI: 10.26213/SE.2019.76.40116

DNA methylation in human genome is important for the cells specialization and functioning. An abnormal methylation of the regulation regions of some genes may cause the genes silencing and this phenomenon is often detected in cancer cells. Determination of differences of the genome-wide methylation in normal and tumor cells is useful for understanding the carcinogenesis process and for development of new methods of epigenetic diagnostics. The positions of methylated RCGY sites in the genomes of…

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